Architecture modelling with ArchiMate™

Enterprise architecture is a field that deals with managing changes in organisations so that they are in line with strategy, objectives, requirements and developments. The use of enterprise architecture improves the quality of service and reduces the costs of setting up and managing the organisation. Enterprise architecture typically consists of a collection of architectural principles and models. The use of a standard language is important to ensure uniformity in architectural models and avoid confusion.

This course provides insight into architectural modelling using the ArchiMate™ language. The strength of ArchiMate™ is it connects different aspect areas - processes, applications and technology - providing insight into the cohesion of the organisation. This distinguishes it from other languages ​​that focus on specific areas, such as software modelling (UML).

In addition, ArchiMate™ is an open standard, and it now has a broad user group. By using ArchiMate™, organisations get a better overview and insight, so that changes are managed better. The course as taught by ArchiXL combines a good theoretical basis with rich practical experiences and insights.

The models provided have been tested in practice by ArchiXL consultants. As a result, they know what is and what is not sensible and what has the most added value.

Course fee

The costs are €475, - excluding VAT and include materials, coffee, tea and a light meal.

Course duration and location

The course lasts one day from 09:30 to 17:00 or from 14:00 to 21:00 and is given in the middle of the country.

Learning outcomes

Have knowledge of architecture modelling in general and the role of ArchiMate™ in this;

Have knowledge of ArchiMate™ concepts, notation and viewpoints.


The course consists of one day in which, among other things, architecture modelling in general and the role of ArchiMate™ in this will be discussed. Naturally, ArchiMate™ itself is also extensively discussed: the vision behind it, the concepts, the notation and the models. It becomes clear which diagrams you can create, which are the most relevant, and what you can do with them. In addition to discussing the theory, there is room for discussion, and practice will be based on a case.

Target group

This course is intended for information managers, enterprise architects, business architects and IT-architects or others with an interest in architectural modelling. The course is primarily intended as an introduction to ArchiMate™: prior knowledge is not assumed.

Course dates

This course is currently only offered as an in-company training.

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