BegrippenXL™ thesaurus platform

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Defining and structuring terms

BegrippenXL™ is an online system for defining and correlating terms. It makes the knowledge of what words mean explicit. The organisation's language is recorded in a dictionary. This type of dictionary is also called a thesaurus and is much more than simply a list of words. It allows the terms to be described and related to each other from various perspectives. It is based on standard open-source software, can be customised and offered 'as a Service'.

Screenshot van het BegrippenXL platform

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The most important features

BegrippenXL™ uses open semantic standards

The system is entirely based on the SKOS standard and the directly associated Linked Data standards, such as RDF and Dublin Core. All terms are, therefore, part of the semantic web. Terms can easily be linked to other terms on the web, thus creating a worldwide body of knowledge. The content is also available via a REST API;

BegrippenXL™ is based on open-source software

The system is based on Skosmos, Fuseki and ElasticSearch standard open-source software products. These products are optimised for the capture and friendly disclosure of terms;

BegrippenXL™ is a cloud-based platform

You only pay for the use and do not have to install, host and manage the software yourself. This means that you do not have to invest in the development or purchase of software or acquire technical knowledge and expertise for management. BegrippenXL™ works with every conventional browser and does not require any special plug-ins;

BegrippenXL™ is customisable

You can define your own configuration for your thesaurus, determining the structure in which terms are described. Organisation-specific properties that are not part of SKOS can also be added, and it is also possible to customise the presentation to match your corporate identity.

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