Kadaster Dataplatform (PDOK)

For two years, the Land Registry has been working on the development of a data platform to make a wide variety of geographical data available to society in an easily accessible manner according to Internet standards.

"What started as a vague assignment with only a few lines on paper, has grown into a highly innovative project, thanks in part to Danny Greefhorst's thinking and process guidance," says Leo van der Sluijs.

As programme manager of the Environment Act Programme in 2015, Van der Sluijs endorsed the need for Kadaster to contribute to the Environment Act Digital System. The purpose of this is to make data about the living environment optimally available to citizens, businesses and the government. Instead of just releasing information sources, the Land Registry is developing the idea of using new technology to develop an intelligent system that can answer customers' questions independently.

"We didn't know at the time how to give this ambition concrete form. My assignment to Danny Greefhorst was vague and came down to 'Tom Puss invent a trick'. Develop a project for us for which this is the assignment," says Van der Sluijs. ArchiXL got off to a flying start by framing the question, determining the context, but also by organising sessions with employees to get an idea of the available knowledge and technology. After this inventory, a technological direction will be chosen and the first tests will take place in a test environment at the end of 2015.

Unique innovative project

The management of the Land Registry is enthusiastic and approves the continuation. In 2016 and 2017, the assignment will be more project-based, with concrete business cases being defined for four six-month periods. Van der Sluijs: "ArchiXL was mainly involved in thinking about the frameworks and basic principles of the necessary architecture. Together, we translated the wishes of the end users to IT. Our IT experts started building the system on this basis. At the end of 2017, the project team transferred the result to the existing line organisation, which will manage it. We started a journey of discovery together and Danny Greefhorst guided us on that journey. He did a lot of thinking and, together with others, ensured that we eventually found 'the trick'. But his role as ambassador of the project within the Kadaster was at least as important."

Open data policy

Van der Sluijs is proud that customers of the Land Registry can use the possibilities of this new data platform in combination with the already existing services of Publieke Dienstverlening op de Kaart (PDOK). "Developers will soon be able to use our data very easily in applications, and that is a technological innovation that fits in seamlessly with the open data policy of the Dutch government." 

Architecture for information houses

The government has reserved an important role in the Digital System Environment Act for the so-called information houses. In these, information from various sources for each sector is collected and coordinated. The Kadaster is the intended 'caretaker' of the information houses Ruimte and Bouw. ArchiXL has also been engaged to develop architecture for both houses. The Land Registry wants to open up information about zoning plans in a new way. Van der Sluijs explains that the technology of the developed data platform will be used again. In the development of the digital system, the Cadastre is working together with various other house masters, including the RIVM. This organisation has also used ArchiXL's expertise. "Danny Greefhorst has delivered a house-transcending report on data quality. This document ensures that the entire chain of organisations involved in the Environment Act looks at data in the same way. He deserves a huge compliment for this," concludes Van der Sluijs.

About the Kadaster

The Kadaster manages registrations of real estate and geo-information and provides data from them. It also offers customised services and advice, including internationally. By providing good digital information, the organisation wants to make data about the living environment optimally available to a wide range of customers.

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