Information modelling

Do your employees know what the data in the various systems mean? Can data be shared with partners in a meaningful way?

Attaching meaning to data

Data is only usable inside when it has meaning. Defining relevant terms can be done using a dictionary (thesaurus): each word is defined and explained. To standardise the data exchange, this dictionary must be further developed into an information model. This gives data structure and meaning and ensures that the data lead to information. Due to the further digitisation of society, companies and government organisations are recognising the usefulness of setting up information models.

What do we offer?

We specialise in data, information and knowledge-intensive issues. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of information modelling. We have created thesauri and information models for various organisations and sectors. We have, among other things, set up an information model for sound, the energy thesaurus and the metadata model of the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. We use the metamodel for information modelling (MIM). That ensures that the models are easier to interpret and to process automatically.

We offer software that makes terms and information models readily available. BegrippenXL™ is a thesaurus platform based on the SKOS standard that allows for easy and intuitive navigation through terms, both alphabetically, hierarchically and via groups. You can access information models that comply with the metamodel for information modelling via our WikiXL™ platform. You can navigate through the content of information models via the diagrams.


We have recorded our views on the importance of defining terms in the form of a whitepaper.

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