Vision & Architecture

Is there a clear picture of the impact of the strategy on the organisation? What role does information provision play in the future vision of your organisation?

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We can quickly provide insight into the impact of the strategy on the organisation and its information provision. We translate objectives, developments and bottlenecks into a vision and architecture for the next three years. This also clarifies how information provision can contribute to the primary business processes. We jointly formulate architecture principles that give direction to change. We design models that provide insight into the coherence of processes, applications, data and technology.

Pragmatic approach

ArchiXL offers a standard and pragmatic approach to drafting an enterprise architecture, allowing us to achieve results quickly. We speak the language of both the administrators and the IT professionals. We use a structured approach to go from motives to important choices. Our work method is based on general standards and best practices, like TOGAF and ArchiMate.

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Do you need a distinct vision of architecture?

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