Service level license-and-support-only

This page describes the default service for customers with a license-and-support-only contract. The service level for our platform service is described separately

n this description of the services related to the license-and-support-only subscription, qualitative and quantitative goals are set with respect to management and maintenance. This document defines the complete set of arrangements for management and maintenance of semantic wikis. The description includes a definition of the key indicators (service levels) to the extent that is measurable and can be influenced by ArchiXL. For each indicator, the associated standard is given. These standards are the measurable criteria for ArchiXL activities.

    Change Management

    The services described in this document may be changed at the initiative of ArchiXL. ArchiXL will inform clients of changes well before the planned effective date. In case of changes having unwanted and substantial impact for the Client, a practical solution will be found. The present 2012-08 version of this document is valid from August 1, 2012.

    Scope of service

    The services related to the license-and-support-only subscription to semantic wikis means essentially that ArchiXL deploys resources for management and maintenance of the software developed by ArchiXL. The goal is keeping our software and its integration for the WikiXL platform up to date. Service provided is based on 'best effort'.

    Nature of services

    ArchiXL provides the following services:

    To provide services
    • The handling of issues and complaints.
    • Answering questions.
    Incident Management
    • Registering, managing and resolving incidents (2nd line incident management) by emergency fixes.
    • Analyzing incidents.
    • The recording and tracking of known errors and producing the related RFCs.
    • Conducting proactive incident management.

      Summary of priorities

      In this document, we work with priorities. These are defined as follows. ArchiXL and Customer jointly determine the priority of a particular situation.

      Priority Situation
      1 UNWORKABLE The wiki is not accessible.
      2 NUISANCE Essential functionality does not work. The wiki is accessible.
      3 INSUFFICIENT The wiki is accessible, some functions do not work properly.
      4 UNDESIRABLE The wiki is accessible, some features work differently than desired.

      Service Levels


      Indicator Description (indicator) and measuring methodology
      Standard Responsible Reporting
      Window times
      • On working days from 9.00 to 17.00
      Indoor time windows are phone and email reply ArchiXL on request
      Outdoor time windows
      • On working days from 17:00 to 09:00
      • On non-working days
        Answering email and telephone is not guaranteed ArchiXL on request

        The helpdesk can be reached by email at email address or by phone at telephone number +31 33-2585545. You will be connected with the proper ArchiXL employee.

        Proactive management

          • Patches and upgrades
            ArchiXL ensures that the software up to date. Patches and upgrades to the wiki software are tested by us and then made ​​available to the Client. Support for older versions will be cancelled eventually. Leading is the list of officially by the MediaWiki Foundation supported versions.

          Incident management
          The Client assigns (at least) one (1) person to the role of first point of contact for ArchiXL in case of disorders, notifications, etc. This person also standard receives a newsletter with latest developments. Incidents are handled in accordance with the table below.

          Indicator Description (indicator) and measuring methodology
          Standard Responsible
          Response From incident entry at helpdesk ArchiXL to feedback to the Client.
          • Priority 1: 8 hours
          • Priority 2: 24 hours
          • Priority 3: 48 hours
          • Priority 4: 1 week
            ArchiXL on request
            Handling Time From the feedback moment above to the closure report from the ArchiXL helpdesk to the Client.
            • Best effort
            ArchiXL on request
            Completed incidents Number of handled incidents in the measurement period
            • No standard, indicating level of service
            ArchiXL on request

            Specific conditions

            The use of the semantic wiki is bound to the following specific conditions:

              • The client obtains a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the WikiXL software. All intellectual property rights remain with ArchiXL. The Client is not permitted to copy any program code (such as templates, forms, etc.) and / or documentation for any reason other than for normal personal use and backup purposes.
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