Trainee at ArchiXL

Have you just graduated? Are you interested in organisational change and ICT? Would you like to discover what excites you in the work field in just one year? Then our traineeship is perfect for you! Start your career with several challenging assignments, attend training courses and, with our guidance, grow into a fully-fledged consultant.

An example of a workday

An ArchiXL consultant works for several clients. You work for a municipality three days a week. The other two days, you work with a colleague on an advisory report for a water board and attend a training course.

Today you are supervising a workshop at the municipality together with a colleague. A department within the municipality is going to work in a new way. During the workshop, you will work with the employees to determine the changes and identify the implications for the information services (ICT). This workshop provides input for the report you and your colleague will present to the department's management in three weeks. At three o'clock, you conclude the workshop and drive home, where you then decide to go to the gym. Relax a bit after an intensive day. Tomorrow, you will work out the results and have a scheduled meeting with your coach. You are going mountain biking and having a chat.

Why the ArchiXL traineeship?

As a trainee, you will be given the opportunity within ArchiXL to develop yourself in a wide range of disciplines. This way, we encourage you to explore the various aspects of ArchiXL. Additionally, we offer both substantive training and personal guidance during the first steps of your career, allowing you to effectively discover what truly energises you!

Things you like

  • Engaging with people;
  • Writing and presenting advisory reports;
  • Working for multiple clients.
  • Investing in your professional development.

You can/have

  • Easily engage with various target groups;
  • A university degree;
  • An interest in ICT and organisational change;
  • Affinity with complex issues and with translating them into practical insights.

We offer you

  • Challenging assignments;
  • A budget and the freedom to develop yourself professionally;
  • A personal coach to support you;
  • Several - sporty - reflection sessions every month;
  • A small team, no hierarchy;
  • Colleagues with extensive experience in organisational change, enterprise architecture, and knowledge management;
  • Working flexibly and in a result-oriented way;
  • Several company outings every year;
  • A budget to choose your own laptop and phone;
  • A lease car or a monthly travel allowance. Choose what suits you best;
  • A fixed salary and...
  • ...a flexible salary: a percentage of your generated turnover.
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