Products for knowledge management

We offer products for, among other things, the recording of architectures, terms, data models, software and information security & privacy.

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WikiXL™ knowledge management platform

Easily share data, information and knowledge inside and outside the organisation with a semantic wiki platform.


ArchiMedes™ architecture publishing platform

A ready-made platform on which you can publish architectural models.


BegrippenXL™ thesaurus platform

An online, customisable system for defining and relating terms within your organisation's language.

Improve insight into your data

With our platform you know the meaning of your data

Ensure the accessibility of data and knowledge

With our platform you communicate user-oriented in text and image

Align organization, data and technology

With our platform you can extract information and knowledge from data combinations

Make your language accessible to everyone

With our platform you translate developments into vision and architecture

Our guiding principles

We publish data and knowledge as Linked Data


We translate data and knowledge to global vocabularies

Such as, Dublin Core, FOAF, FRBR & DCAT

We transform data for specific audiences

Domain-specific vocabularies such as Linked Art in addition to

We use an open architecture

Easy to integrate, expandable and migrateable

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Realise the future together?

We help your organisation excel in the field of enterprise and information architecture. Sharing knowledge is central to our solution-oriented approach.

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