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As an expert in enterprise architecture, ArchiXL is able to translate your goals quickly into excellent information provisions. Owing to our extensive experience, we are aware of the pitfalls involved.

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Vision & architecture

What role does information provision play in the future vision for your organisation? And how resistant is your information provision?


Structuring architecture function

Would you like to describe the roles, tasks and authorisations of your architecture function and make it a part of your change processes?


Information modelling

Is it clear what the data in your systems mean and are they meaningfully shared with chain partners?


Improving data quality

Do you have a clear view of the quality of your data? Are you certain that your reports are correct? Is data shredded over all kinds of systems?


Quikscan IT-architecture

Would you like a good overview of how your IT-structure relates to best-practices and where improvement is possible?


Architecture maturity scan

Would you like to know more about how the architectural function can be structured better and generate more business value?


Getting started with the Omgevingswet

How do you make sure that the information provision is ready for the Environmental and Planning act? Are the relevant systems set up and the necessary data available?


Zero measurement Information provision Environmental and Planning act

Would you like to know to what extent the information provision of your organisation is ready for the Environmental and Planning act?

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We help your organisation excel in the field of enterprise and information architecture. Sharing knowledge is central to our solution-oriented approach.

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