BegrippenXL™ full list of features

Publish concepts

The platform is optimized for user-friendly access to concepts. It enables comprehensive descriptions of concepts and their interrelationships, and if necessary, you can also add properties yourself.

Browsing and searching for concepts

It's possible to navigate concepts in various ways: alphabetically, by group, or hierarchically according to the defined thesaurus. Additionally, there's an extensive search capability for finding concepts.

Manage concepts

There's also a standalone module available for entering and managing concepts, including multilingual support. This way, you have one integrated environment available for both managing and publishing concepts.

Supports the Dutch standard for describing concepts (NL-SBB)

The concept editor supports the new Dutch standard for describing concepts (NL-SBB). All properties described by the standard are supported.

Use own vocabularies

The platform supports the SKOS standard and a number of common vocabularies such as Dublin Core by default. Additionally, it's possible to add extra properties for other (potentially self-defined) vocabularies.

Upload yourselves

The platform provides an upload portal where you can upload concept frameworks yourself via a file. All common Linked Data formats such as TTL and RDF/XML are supported.

Quality control

When uploading concept frameworks, several automated checks are performed with Skosify to ensure that the concepts meet some basic quality requirements. These checks can be configured according to your preferences.

Use your own branding

The default appearance of Wikipedia can be replaced by your own branding, allowing you to almost entirely determine its appearance. Elements such as color, fonts, and navigation structure are fully customizable.

Use your own user administration

A custom user administration can be connected, allowing users to log in with their regular username and password. We support integration based on SAML, ADFS, and SURFcontext.

Publish concepts in multiple languages simultaneously

Multilingualism does not only apply to the user interface but also to the concept models themselves. This makes the platform highly suitable for international organisations.

Software as a Service

The platform is available as a service, eliminating the need to install, configure, or technically manage any software. It works with any web browser and does not require any plugins.

Simple cost structure

The platform has a very simple pricing structure. Through a monthly cancelable subscription, you only pay for usage. There are no restrictions on the number of users or content—only a 'fair use' policy applies.

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