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we will realise the future

Excelling in the field of enterprise and information architecture

We are ArchiXL. Our consultants help your organisation to excel in the field of enterprise and information architecture. Sharing knowledge is central to our solution-oriented approach.

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ArchiMedes™, WikiXL™ and BegrippenXL™

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Our expertise in the field of enterprise and information architecture

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We are happy to share the knowledge and experience we have accumulated with others

Make the knowledge within your organisation transparent

WikiXL™ delivers a semantic solution to your challenges

Make your enterprise architecture accessible

ArchiMedes™ provides an overview of architectural models

Build a future-proof information supply

Advice on enterprise architecture puts you on the right path

Make your language accessible to everyone

BegrippenXL™ creates unity in your organisation

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ArchiXL Gebruikersdag

On wednesday May 18th from 1 pm until 5 pm the ArchiXL Gebruikersdag will be organised for users of the ArchiXL platform. The day will be about the reference architectures that use the platform and held in the Muntgebouw located in Utrecht. On arrival you will receive a inspiring goodiebag, so don't miss out on this event! The presentations will be held in Dutch.

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What do our customers think?

Danny Greefhorst of ArchiXL has done an excellent job. With his tremendous expertise and attention to supporting the process, he helped develop a product that is highly supported and appreciated by the organisations involved. Importantly, the result does not feel like a straightjacket, but is still perceived as authoritative. This has had a positive impact on the operational strength of the reference architecture.


We are very satisfied with the ArchiXL consultant who set up the architecture for our electronic services. He is the right person if you are looking for an architect who can come up with a strong, image-building narrative. A first-class architect, who is sharp, communicates well and comes up with a sound, cutting-edge concept. Not an easy task in the complex domain of eServices.

Province of Utrecht

I’m impressed with the analytical capability, the structured approach and the speed with which Danny Greefhorst from ArchiXL works. He always finds a way to quickly reach the heart of the issue. This, combined with a keen eye for service, makes for a very pleasant collaboration.

Het Kadaster

Our core values

Our core values ​​are central to everything we do. These core values ​​describe who we are and what we stand for.

We are connecting

As architects, we connect processes, data and technology, but above all, we connect people.

We are passionate

We are enthusiastic about what we do and convey that enthusiasm to other people.

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We are solution-oriented

Pragmatic as we are, we mainly look at what works and we provide appropriate solutions.

We are visionary

We look ahead, know relevant developments and come up with future-oriented solutions.

Sharing knowledge is key

We stand for a pragmatic vision and approach. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated with this with others. You can read more about our knowledge in our whitepapers.


Getting started with data quality: a practical guide

This whitepaper provides a practical description of what is needed to achieve data quality.


Finding and connecting with language: getting more value from out of data and information

This whitepaper provides insight into this value of language for data and information and describes a vision on how to make it happen.

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Realise the future together?

We help your organisation excel in the field of enterprise and information architecture. Sharing knowledge is central to our solution-oriented approach.


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