Introduction to Architecture

In the past twenty years, architecture has undergone major development. An architect is a highly trained professional with knowledge of advanced methods and frameworks. The modern architect designs good architectures and "sells’ architecture to the management.

This training course offers starting architects an overview of all key aspects of the field. Participants become aware of any omissions and find out which aspects of the architectural field suit them best. The course has a vast practical component, because architecture is mainly a matter of doing.

Course fee

The course fee is €1425,- (BTW excluded) and includes course materials, coffee, tea and a light meal.

Duration and location

This three-day course takes place every day from 9:30 to 17:00, and is held at an avenue in the centre of the Netherlands.

Learning outcomes

Acquire knowledge of what architecture is, what it is for and how to apply it;

Acquire knowledge of available architectural frameworks and methods, and how they differ;

Gaining experience with designing architectural principles and models;

Acquire knowledge of how to make architecture successful in an organisation.


Day 1: Becoming acquainted with architecture

This day, we will explain what architecture is and why it plays an important part in modern organisations. We will discuss the different kinds of architecture and how they are related. Furthermore, we will analyse the tasks of the architect. We will explain in which context architecture operates and how the architect works with professionals from other disciplines, such as information managers and systems designers. We will also discuss some widely used architectural methods and frameworks, and explain how they differ. We will explain how to choose a method or framework that suits an organisation.

Day 2: The architect as a designer

This day, we will discuss the matter of architecture in more depth, outlining what architectural principles are and practising their set-up. In addition, we will touch on a number of architectural models and assess which models are appropriate under which circumstances. Using a case study, we will set up these models and design an actual architecture.

Day 3: The architect in the organization

Which target groups are covered by architecture, and how is this important to visualise architectural models in such a way they are accessible to these target groups? What are the success factors and how do we use architecture when developing a business-driven platform? Furthermore, we will discuss how to secure architecture in the organisation. Finally, we will analyse the competences a successful architect needs. Each participant then decides which competencies they would like to develop further.

Target group

This training course is geared towards starting architects in the corporate and public sectors. We expect a higher professional education or a similar level of thinking and working.

Course dates

At this time, the course is only offered as an in-company training course.

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