Designing the architectural function

Is architecture already part of your daily routine?

Processes, roles and responsibilities

We help you to embed architecture in your organisation. We define roles, tasks and authorisations and make them part of your existing change processes. We design a working method that suits your organisation based on existing architectural methods such as TOGAF, BIP and/or DYA. The elements are processes, roles and products.

We implement architecture as a concrete contribution to your business objectives. Our approach is characterised by several fixed values: pragmatic, interactive and concrete.

We know how architecture is set up in different organisations and how it is most effective. What exactly do you want to achieve with architecture? What is your vision, your strategy and what are your organisation's objectives? We create a customised approach that works for you.

Measure, adjust and develop

We set practical KPIs to be able to measure effects and make adjustments. In doing so, we demonstrate what architecture contributes to your organisation in practice. Through targeted training courses, we develop the skills of your employees.

The goal is to enable your organisation to independently use architecture as a steering tool.

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Do you want to make architectural thinking part of your daily practice?

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