Who we are

We are ArchiXL

An independent consulting firm specialising in enterprise and information architecture. We advise organisations in the operationalisation of their strategy. Our name is a combination of 'architecture' and 'excel'. Our services enable organisations to achieve their goals and excel.

Pragmatic and goal-oriented

Our pragmatic and goal-oriented approach makes us stand out. We deliver added value in line with the context of an organisation. As specialists, we know all relevant methods and techniques in the field of architecture. Our employees distinguish themselves by their communicative skills, results-oriented attitude, abstraction capabilities and ability to empathise.

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What do we do?

A modern organisation is like a living organism. The different organs within this organism must be well attuned to each other. These organs can, for example, represent the various departments within an organisation. These departments do not always speak the same language and consequently have difficulty communicating. It is difficult for the HR department to speak the technical language of the IT department in order to communicate their wishes clearly. These communication problems can quickly lead to a loss of coherence, preventing the two departments from working together smoothly.

By mobilising knowledge, you empower others, and together you rise to great heights."

This is where ArchiXL comes to the rescue. We look for the connecting factor within your organisation by addressing your problem in a solution-oriented way. We do this using our passions for enterprise architecture and knowledge management. Over the years, these passions have been fused into several flexible software solutions that we use to map out connections and ensure that this knowledge is not lost. Even after the assignment has been completed because, as a visionary, we always think forward with you.

Meet the people of ArchiXL

Our employees distinguish themselves by their communicative skills, results-oriented attitude, abstraction capabilities and ability to empathise.

Our principles

Standard method

Our approach is based on standard methods and techniques such as ArchiMate™ and TOGAF, and thus on the knowledge and experience of others;


Organisations are similar in many ways, and therefore it is sensible to reuse knowledge and architectures;

Working Iteratively

It is important to respond quickly to questions from within the organisation;

Concrete and usable results

Architecture products must be instantly usable and generate value for the organisation;


Change is something you do together. That way, you combine knowledge and brainpower and create support for the change;

”Just enough” architecture

Architecture documents must contribute to the objectives and describe what is imperative;

Mobilising knowledge

Architects should focus on collecting, analysing, generating, and distributing knowledge.

Our General Terms of Delivery apply to all our services.

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Do you want to achieve outstanding performance in a small team?

We are a no-nonsense organisation with a lot of knowledge in the field of organisational changes and ICT.

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