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Do you want to share data, information or knowledge within your organisation? Do you want to combine unstructured content, such as texts and images, with structured content, such as models or data from systems? Do you want users to be able to modify content easily?

Make concepts accessible

BegrippenXL™ is a platform for publishing concepts. It makes knowledge about the exact meanings of words explicit and ensures that people can speak the same language. Concepts can be described in detail, related to each other, and searched through. The platform is based on standard open-source software and is offered as a service.

Publish concepts

By broadly publishing concepts, you ensure that people can find them. The platform is optimized for user-friendly access to concepts. It allows for comprehensive descriptions of concepts and their interrelationships, and if necessary, you can also add properties yourself. This provides maximum space for giving meaning to words. Each concept is accompanied by a context diagram, providing a quick overview of related concepts. Concepts can also be published on the general BegrippenXL™ website, making them more widely accessible.


Browsing and searching for concepts

It is possible to navigate through concepts in various ways: alphabetically, by group, or hierarchically according to the defined thesaurus. Additionally, there is an extensive search feature that allows concepts to be found across the entire collection of concepts. On the general BegrippenXL™ website, users can search for concepts across all available concept frameworks.

Manage concepts

There is also a standalone module available for entering and managing concepts. This concept editor also supports the new Dutch standard for describing concepts (NL-SBB). All properties described by the standard are supported, and it is also possible to define properties in multiple languages. This way, you have one integrated environment available for both managing and publishing concepts.


Upload yourselves

The platform provides an upload portal where you can upload concept frameworks yourself via a file and activate them. It is also possible to directly import files from GitHub or the concept editor. All common Linked Data formats such as TTL and RDF/XML are supported. In this portal, a number of automated checks are also performed to ensure that the concepts meet some basic quality requirements. These checks can be configured by yourself. There is also support for large files. The upload portal also provides insight into previous uploads.

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