Architecture maturity scan

As CIO you are responsible for making the complexity in the ICT landscape manageable within your organisation. Your architects therefore supervise projects by writing PSAs and translating your goals to concrete project guidelines. More is needed for a successful architecture: are your architects an equal interlocutor? To what extent is top management behind your architectural vision? Our architecture maturity scan provides insight into your position.

Three dimensions

We see three dimensions in the architecture profession: making architecture, using architecture and organising architecture. If these three are in balance, you can do architecture effectively and efficiently. Our architecture maturity scan indicates how well the architecture function is developed in your organisation. This scan offers concrete recommendations to bring this to a higher level. Our recommendations are targeted on your organisation's wishes, taking into account culture, size and sector.


The basis of our approach is the architecture maturity scan matrix of the open architecture method DYA*. This includes a list with 150 statements about architecture in your organisation. We answer these statements by interviewing the makers and users of architecture. We calculate the score for the organisation as a whole and determine the differences between the target groups.


We review a number of architecture products, like your target architecture and psychosocial workloads. We're testing purposefulness, comprehensibility, substantive correctness and traceability of design choices. The outcome combined with the interviews determines the total maturity level. Finally, in addition to the final score, we also determine the desired score. The spearheads for improvement follow from the difference. We will provide concrete and immediately applicable recomendations for improvement.

Please note: to perform an architecture maturity scan (six interviews and four product reviews) we now temporarily charge a fixed price of only € 9,950,-. Would you like to make use of this? Please contact Erwin Oord.

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A successful architecture? Do the architecture maturity scan!

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