Architecture Principles

Architectural principles are the architect's tools for establishing the most important principles. They set frameworks for the design of the organization and the associated information provision. Thereby creating clarity and preventing useless discussions. In addition, they ensure that important risks are avoided. Architecture principles are, therefore, the cornerstone of architecture, and drafting them is a core skill of architects.

In this course, both current theoretical insights and practical experiences with architectural principles are discussed. As a result, the participant is able to understand what architectural principles are, but he or she also receives practical tools to apply them in practice.

Course fee

The costs are €950,- excluding VAT and include materials, coffee, tea and a light meal.

Course duration and location

The course lasts two days from 09:30 to 17:00 or from 14:00 to 21:00 and is given in the middle of the country.

Learning outcomes

Have knowledge of the enterprise architecture field in general and the role of architecture principles;

Have knowledge of architectural principles and the way in which they can be used;

Have the skills to draw up architectural principles and to assess existing architectural principles.


Day 1: Introduction and overview

On this day, an overview is given of the field of architecture and the role of architectural principles. In addition, the architecture principles themselves are discussed in more detail: the concepts, the creation process and best-practices surrounding architectural principles. A case will also be worked out on this day. Homework is applying the theory to the participant's situation.

Day 2: Further deepening and application

On this day, architecture principles will be discussed in more detail: which principles are there, and how are they related? The theory is applied to the participant's own situation. The application areas of architectural principles are also discussed, and existing principles are assessed.

Target group

The course is relevant for anyone who wants to take their architecture work to a higher level. Participants are expected to have a higher professional education level.

Working methods

The course partly consists of presentations, but also contains a lot of room for practice and discussion. A case is used in the course, but the participants are also asked to introduce their own practical situation in the form of homework.

Course dates

This course is currently only offered as in-company training.

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