ArchiMedes™ architecture publication platform

Have you invested a lot in setting up your organisation's enterprise architecture? Then, of course you want the entire organisation to be familiar with it and use it. But is your architecture available and accessible to all your employees? Usually, professional architecture tools are unusable for non-architects due to their specialised nature and licensing restrictions.

Making architecture accessible

We especially developed ArchiMedes™ for the user-friendly publication of your enterprise architecture. ArchiMedes™ is a ready-to-use platform on which you can publish architecture models created with existing tools like ARIS, BiZZdesign Architect or Archi*. With ArchiMedes™, you can unlock that specialist knowledge and combine it with other knowledge, like process models or a CMDB. You decide who has access, and you can make knowledge accessible in a way suitable for each target group. With the interactive feature of ArchiMedes™, your employees from Business and IT can contribute to the architecture themselves by adding to, correcting and discussing knowledge. The architecture that is currently exclusive to the architects is transformed into architecture for the entire organisation!

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ArchiMedes™ is a cloud service** with a straightforward cost structure. You only pay for what you use via a monthly subscription. There are no restrictions on the number of users or models – only a 'fair use' policy applies. You do not need to invest in developing, purchasing or managing your own software, and you benefit directly from the further development of the platform. The combination of ArchiMedes™ and the Archi open-source architecture tool is a particularly cost-effective solution, suitable for organisations just starting with enterprise architecture.

* The (trade) rights of these tools belong to the respective suppliers. ArchiMedes™ can be used in combination with any architectural tool that supports the ArchiMate exchange format of The Open Group.

** If desired, the platform can also be installed in-house in your own data centre.

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Would you like to know more about ArchiMedes™?

Please contact Erwin Oord. We can arrange a demonstration at your office, during which we can directly import one of your ArchiMate models.

Product features

ArchiMedes™ is built on the WikiXL™ platform and thus includes all the features and benefits of that platform. It is built on standard open-source software and uses semantic technology to combine structured and unstructured information. Its appearance is fully customisable to meet your requirements. Additional ArchiMedes™ features are:

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ArchiMedes™ works with open standards

As the import function works based on the Open Group ArchiMate Exchange Format, you can choose which modelling tools you want to work with. For example, you can use ArchiMedes™ in combination with Archi, a free, open-source package. This combination provides you with a highly cost-effective yet full-featured solution for modelling, publishing and analysing your enterprise architecture;

ArchiMedes™ enables the enrichment of architectural knowledge

For example, by including explanations, historical or other additional information, such as the considerations taken into account during decision-making: things that you usually cannot put into modelling tools. Your architecture then becomes a real encyclopaedia instead of just a collection of views;

ArchiMedes™ can combine knowledge from multiple sources

For example, you can combine your enterprise architecture models with information from the CMDB and project portfolio management information to effectively support application lifecycle management;

ArchiMedes™ is user-oriented

Architecture information can be made accessible to several target groups in an appealing way. For example, managers have a different perspective than application administrators, which requires its own entry point with specific views and overviews;

ArchiMedes™ is a community product

We are actively working on the further development of ArchiMedes™ with your and other customers' help. Architecture analyses that we develop for one client can also become available for other clients. This continually adds to the product's functionalities;

ArchiMedes™ has no restrictive licensing conditions

There are no restrictions on the number of models, bytes or users. Only a 'fair use' policy applies. Therefore, you can make your architecture models available to all your employees without paying exorbitant licence fees;

ArchiMedes™ supports multiple languages simultaneously

Multilingualism does not only apply to the user interface but also to the architectural models themselves. This makes the platform highly suitable for international organisations.

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Would you like more information or book a demonstration?

Please contact Erwin Oord. We can arrange a demonstration at your office, during which we can directly import one of your ArchiMate models.


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