Who we are

Working at ArchiXL

Good that you are interested in working at ArchiXL! We are a no-nonsense organisation with a lot of knowledge in the field of organisational change and ICT. Our small team delivers big results!

We are currently looking for the following positions:


Senior Consultant Information Services

Do you have extensive experience in the field of organisational change and information services in organisations? And are you ready for the next step in your career?


Trainee at ArchiXL

Have you just graduated? Are you interested in organisational change and ICT? Would you like to discover what excites you in the work field in just one year? Then our traineeship is perfect for you! Start your career with several challenging assignments, attend training courses and, with our guidance, grow into a fully-fledged consultant.


Medior consultant

Are you a strong communicator? Do you enjoy analysing complex issues? Does consulting run through your veins? Do you want to learn more about organisational change and ICT? Have you already gained work experience as, for example, an information manager, knowledge manager or architect?

What defines us?



All space and attention for personal growth

Good work is good reward

Results instead of hours

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What does ArchiXL do?

The world is constantly changing. These changes are driven by innovative start-ups, new business models, modern technologies and ever-higher customer expectations. In order for companies to be able to adapt, they need to know how their business processes and information facilities are linked.

Enterprise architecture is the solution to visualise this complex whole and to implement changes in a structured way. ArchiXL is the specialist in the field of Enterprise architecture. We help companies with mapping the current and future company structure and we advise how to keep this company structure robust and flexible.

In this way, we are able to translate complexity into simplicity. In this way, technology and business operations are aligned, and a company can create targeted value for its customers. Now, and in the future!

What do we offer?

Working at ArchiXL means:

Challenging assignments

Small team, without hierarchy

Flexible and result-oriented work

Very generous annual training budget

A lease car or a monthly travel budget

Several company outings every year (from surfing to mountain biking)

Budget for self-selection of a laptop and phone

Fixed salary and a flexible salary (percentage of your turnover)

Colleagues with extensive experience in organisational consulting, architecture, information management and data management

Access to trade associations and working groups such as NAF, KNVI, The Open Group

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Are you enthusiastic, but is your vacancy not listed?

We are always looking for talent! Come and have coffee with Nils Couwenbergh, or contact him.

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