WikiXL™ knowledge management platform

Do you want to share data, information or knowledge within your organisation? Do you want to combine unstructured content, such as texts and images, with structured content, such as models or data from systems? Do you want users to be able to modify content easily?

Structure, integrate and share content

WikiXL™ is a semantic wiki platform that makes it easy to share data, information and knowledge within and outside your organisation. It makes it possible to make structured information available in addition to texts, thus creating a rich combination of content. It is based on standard open-source software, can be customised and is offered 'as a Service'.

We listed the most important features of the WikiXL™ platform below:

WikiXL™ is based on the open-source software of MediaWiki

A huge advantage is its recognisability: everyone is familiar with Wikipedia, the internet encyclopaedia that is based on the same platform;

WikiXL™ uses semantic technology

It records information in a structured form and allows search queries and views of the information to be defined. That gives users a friendly and accessible view of the information and provides additional insights. It also makes it possible to define your own analyses;

WikiXL™ is interactive

The platform supports collaboration, where everyone can contribute and respond to content from others. Employees can, just like with Wikipedia, update the content themselves;

WikiXL™ can combine information from multiple sources

A knowledge portal is created by bringing together information from multiple sources, in which information can be offered in a combined form. That makes the information more accessible;

WikiXL™ is a cloud-based platform

You only pay for the use and do not have to install, host or manage the software yourself. This means that you do not have to invest in the development or purchase of software or acquire technical knowledge and expertise to manage it. WikiXL™ works with every conventional browser and does not require any special plugins;

WikiXL™ can be modified

For example, you can change access rights – or have them changed – or set up an entirely new design that perfectly matches your corporate identity. We have several skins available for this purpose, including a national identity skin.


There is a rich collection of – optional – extensions available for the WikiXL™ platform, with which the functionality can be expanded under the name SmartSuite™. By using the SmartSuite™ components, you can create a powerful platform that makes optimal use of all semantic wiki possibilities. The most important are:

  • SmartCore™ is an extension to easily configure knowledge models. A knowledge model defines the structure and data model of the information in the wiki and forms the basis. New elements, properties or relations can easily be added or changed. This extension also makes it possible to define the presentation of elements on the screen differently for each element type, based on templates;
  • SmartConnect™ provides an interface for importing and exporting ArchiMate™ models from any architecture tool that supports the ArchiMate Exchange Format standard of The Open Group. You can add context information to the models and correlate the models with knowledge from other sources;
  • SmartAccess™ enables you to support logging in based on your own user administration. Users use their default username and password or do not need to log in if they are already logged into another application in your organisation. Integration with Active Directory Federation Services, SAML and SURFcontext are supported. The latter is a standard developed specifically for education and is made available by SURF;
  • SmartBooks™ offers you the possibility to bundle and export wiki pages to a file in ODF, DOC(X), TXT, PDF or ePUB format. This file can then be read on a device such as a PC, laptop, tablet, e-reader or smartphone. When exporting, the layout remains the same – as far as possible – as the wiki pages themselves. Each document is correctly page numbered, has a table of contents and so on;
  • SmartFeedback™ allows wiki users to submit comments on wiki pages in a user-friendly manner via forms linked to the 'Comments' tab displayed on each wiki page. Editors can respond to the comments and monitor and manage the status of each comment. They can also create overviews of open comments;
  • SmartPublish™ offers a protected developer wiki in which you can work on new content or on modifications to existing content. This enables a controlled editing and publishing process. Together with this protected environment, we also install a publication mechanism that automatically publishes approved wiki pages in the development environment to the publication environment;
  • You can access your wiki via its own URL. Wikis can be accessed by default via This extension allows you to choose your own URL, for instance, We take care of the application, management and timely replacement of the necessary security certificates.
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