WikiXL™ knowledge management platform

Do you want to share data, information or knowledge within your organisation? Do you want to combine unstructured content, such as texts and images, with structured content, such as models or data from systems? Do you want users to be able to modify content easily?

Structure and combine content

WikiXL™ is a semantic wiki platform that makes it easy to share data, information and knowledge within and outside your organisation. It makes it possible to make structured information available in addition to texts, thus creating a rich combination of content. It is based on standard open-source software, can be customised and is offered 'as a Service'.

We listed the most important features of the WikiXL™ platform below:


Structure content

It is possible to determine the structure of the content yourself by creating a knowledge model. A knowledge model can be fully tailored to specific information needs. Content can then be entered as structured data using forms generated based on the knowledge model. The data can subsequently be used and reused in various ways within the environment. For instance, it is possible to make selections of content with search queries and display them on different pages.

Combine and visualize data

Data can be quickly imported from various sources and connected with data from other sources. The integrated data can be comprehensively reviewed and displayed in various ways, such as in tables, charts, timelines, or on maps. The MediaWiki platform we use offers a wide variety of visualization options. There are also numerous plugins available that you can utilize.


Work together

A wiki is specifically designed for collaborating with others on content. People can enrich and provide feedback on content created by others. Every page includes a discussion page where comments can be posted. It is always transparent who made which changes, and these changes can also be undone. There are options to assign permissions to certain roles, so not everyone can see or edit all pages.

Determine the formatting yourself

A wiki is also a content management system and can look like a regular website. It is possible to customize it according to your own preferences and make it as user-friendly as possible. This makes it easy to access the content and the information and knowledge within, reaching as many people as possible. The standard appearance of Wikipedia can be replaced with your own branding, allowing you to almost entirely determine its appearance. Elements such as color, fonts, and navigation structure are fully customizable.

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