ArchiMedes™ full list of features

Publish ArchiMate models

ArchiMate models created in a modeling tool can be imported and accessed in a user-friendly manner as a website. We support the Open Group ArchiMate Exchange Format, which is widely supported.

Formulate search queries

Pose advanced search queries to the models. The results can be displayed in various ways, such as lists, tables, or graphs. These search queries can be predefined.

Color dynamically

Op basis van de eigenschappen van modelelementen is het mogelijk om dynamisch kleuren te geven aan een model. Zo zie je in één oogopslag welke modelelementen dezelfde waarde hebben voor een specifieke eigenschap. 

Integrate knowledge from multiple sources

Integrate architecture models with texts or data from other systems. For example, combine them with data from the CMDB or project information from project management systems.

Fomulate intelligent questions with AI

Intelligent questions can also be asked of the content. For this purpose, integration with a Large Language Model has been implemented, which analyzes the texts more deeply and can provide extensive answers to questions.

Develop documents

Data can be exported to documents, allowing for linear reading and offline access. A dynamic selection of content can be made, enabling the creation of MS Word, PDF, and even ePUB documents for e-readers.

Export data as Linked Data

By publishing or exporting content as Linked Data, it becomes possible to align it with the semantic web to the fullest extent. In this web, data is interconnected and available worldwide according to web standards.

Provide review comments

Users can provide review comments on all content, and others can respond to them in a similar manner to what you're accustomed to in Office suites.

Use your own branding

The default appearance of Wikipedia can be replaced by your own branding, allowing you to almost entirely determine its appearance. Elements such as color, fonts, and navigation structure are fully customizable.

Use your own user administration

A custom user administration can be connected, allowing users to log in with their regular username and password. We support integration based on SAML, ADFS, and SURFcontext.

Publish models in multiple languages simultaneously

Multilingualism does not only apply to the user interface but also to the architectural models themselves. This makes the platform highly suitable for international organisations.

Software as a Service

The platform is available as a service, eliminating the need to install, configure, or technically manage any software. It works with any web browser and does not require any plugins.

Simple cost structure

The platform has a very simple pricing structure. Through a monthly cancelable subscription, you only pay for usage. There are no restrictions on the number of users or content—only a 'fair use' policy applies.

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Please contact Erwin Oord. We can arrange a demonstration at your office, during which we can directly import one of your ArchiMate models.

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