Information Modelling with MIM

Information modelling with the Metamodel Information Modelling (MIM) is increasing. More and more organisations have opted to apply MIM since the Standardisation Forum placed this standard on the recommended standards list. An information model records the structure and meaning of data, and this makes an information model an important tool for retaining control over data quality. One of the advantages of information modelling with MIM is that models resemble each other. That makes it easier to exchange models, makes them easier to read and makes it possible to develop software to streamline the modelling process.

This training course starts with the basics of information modelling. We will teach you how the MIM works and also how it can be applied. We will guide you during two half-day sessions from a first model sketch to an information model that complies with the MIM.

Course fee

The fee is €450.- excluding VAT, including tea and coffee.

Course duration and location

The course is divided into two half-day sessions from 9:30 to 12:30. The course will be held in the ArchiXL building at Nijverheidsweg 60A-27 in Amersfoort (Yellowstones building).

Learning outcomes

Understanding what information modelling is all about;

Being able to read and create information models in accordance with MIM;

Knowing what tools exist for MIM.

Target group

This course is intended for information professionals, such as architects, analysts and developers, who want to learn information modelling with MIM.

Course dates

We currently offer this course as in-company training only.

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