The organisation of architecture

Embedding enterprise architecture and thereby working under architecture in the organisation requires a different perspective on the work and the organisation. This change process must be implemented step by step.

More and more organisations are using architecture to streamline their organisation and enable collaboration with other companies without losing sight of the overall picture in all its complexity. Enterprise architecture will help you understand connections, steer new developments, and act as a communication tool throughout the organisation. This insight into the connections within the organisation makes it possible to oversee, plan or communicate the consequences of decisions and changes across the entire scope of the organisation.

This course focuses on setting up architecture from a management perspective. What effects does it have on your organisation, what needs to be organised, but above all: how do I maintain working under architecture, and can I ensure constant development and growth?

Course fee

The fee is €900.- excluding VAT, including materials, coffee, tea and a buffet.

Course duration and location

The course consists of four half-day sessions from 18:00 to 21:30 and is held in the mid-Netherlands.

Introduction to the enterprise architecture field and the associated methods and techniques;

Gain knowledge on the most important architecture process methodologies;

Gain knowledge on architecture assessment methodologies;

Gain knowledge and insight on how to organise working under architecture in one's own organisation.


Sessions 1 and 2: Setting up Working under Architecture

How do I set up the architecture process, and how do I adapt my organisation so that the process actually works? How do I measure the architectural level of my organisation, and what do I need to develop to reach the desired level? Which competencies are needed to work under architecture, and which roles require which skills?

Sessions 3 and 4: Further elaboration of working under architecture

Once working under architecture is set up, how do I ensure it stays that way? How do I ensure that my architecture level will rise? How do I keep the organisation motivated, and how do I continue being successful in working under architecture?

Target group

Business and ICT managers, project leaders and Business and IT architects. After the course, they will understand the enterprise architecture discipline and how to implement working under architecture in their specific organisation. The course is taught at a higher professional education level.

Working methods

In addition to theory, a lot of time is spent discussing and working through cases.

Course dates

We currently offer this course as in-company training only. Dates are therefore determined in mutual consultation.

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