ArchiXL after three months: Four Questions for Yvar, Developer at ArchiXL

What advice would you give someone looking for a job?

What I would recommend to someone looking for work is to utilize and build their own network. Look in your immediate surroundings to see if you know anyone. Use LinkedIn to make it clear that you are actively seeking employment. Also, search for recruiters in the industry where you would like to work.

How would you sum up your first year at ArchiXL in 3 words? And why these three words?

Educational, interesting, and challenging. When I started working at ArchiXL, I knew little about their products and the tools we use. I've learned a lot here and gained a lot of motivation for the job. Particularly interesting and challenging is the company's target audience. I had no prior knowledge about it, and it was fascinating to see how the consultants and fellow developers dealt with it.

Why did you choose for ArchiXL?

I came across this opportunity through my network. The requirements mentioned in the job posting appealed to me. After delving into the company via the website and other social media, I sent an email. Based on the email, I had two interviews. During these discussions, I found the atmosphere in the company very enjoyable, and I sensed a good connection between myself and the company.

What do you actually do as a developer at ArchiXL?

My tasks include maintaining our products, as well as continuously improving and innovating them. It's exciting to be involved in creating products that keep getting better and more beautiful.

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