Architecture Principles - The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture

Architecture Principles are commonly defined principles that operationalise the business strategy. They focus on the essence of architecture and offer stability in a sea change. The NAF's architectural principles working group has conducted a study into the subject. This has resulted in the book "Architecture Principles - The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture" written by Danny Greefhorst and Erik Proper.

Boek - architecture principles

The book offers both conceptual substantiations and practical tools for the use of architecture principles. It goes deeper into what principles are and how architecture principles can be positioned. It also describes a practical approach for developing and using architecture principles and a number of practical cases from Schiphol, Enexis, CVZ and ICTU, among others. In addition, it offers a catalog of generic architecture principles.

More information about this book can be found on the publisher's website:

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