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Organisations are confronted with all kinds of developments that must be responded to quickly. This places high demands on digitisation and, as a result, software development. Agile and DevOps are the starting point nowadays and require a different testing approach. Test automation is a key component, especially if the software is also integrated and delivered on a daily basis. A pitfall here is that test automation is primarily approached from a technical point of view, and no attention is paid to a sustainable setup. Ultimately, this leads to disappointment.

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In the book, the authors describe a new perspective on test automation, with a focus on agility and future-proofing. They state that attention to reusability, portability and repeatability is essential. In addition, the message is that test automation must be approached from an architectural point of view. This means that space is created to think through the setup of test automation and define the associated choices. It also means looking at the subject from different perspectives: of people, the organisation, process, data and technology.

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