ArchiXL Traineeship: Four Questions for Robin, Junior Consultant, and Developer at ArchiXL

What advice would you give someone looking for a job?

If you've just finished your studies, I recommend checking with, for example, your thesis supervisor to see if there are companies they can recommend. Educational institutions often collaborate with commercial companies for internships or theses, giving them an idea of which company might be a good match for you. This can also help you avoid companies with potentially negative reputations. Additionally, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding potential employers and making yourself visible in the job market.

How would you sum up your first year at ArchiXL in 3 words? And why these three words?

Dynamic, innovative, inspiring. Dynamic because I've been involved in a variety of content-rich projects, switching between consultancy and development. Innovative because, in my role as a developer, I've had the opportunity to work on a new product that will make a significant contribution to our platform. Inspiring because I've gained an immense amount of knowledge in this first year.

Why did you choose the ArchiXL traineeship?

It's not a surprise after my answer to the first question, but I ended up at ArchiXL on the recommendation of my thesis supervisor. One of my first meetings was with Joeri van Es, who had also just graduated from the Vrije Universiteit and started working at ArchiXL. He reinforced my enthusiasm for ArchiXL and could confirm the positive impression my thesis supervisor had created. Additionally, it played a significant role for me that I could combine my consultancy work with programming.

What do you actually do as a junior consultant at ArchiXL?

It's quite diverse. I've been working for several days a week at Inholland University throughout the year, where I focus on information architecture and modeling critical processes for the execution of education. Being a developer also came in handy for this assignment; I was able to create an extension for our architecture publication platform, assisting me in creating and managing BPMN diagrams. I've also worked on a project at Kennisnet to expand the Funderend Onderwijs Referentie Architectuur (FORA) with information on the processing of personal data (in the context of GDPR). Additionally, I've handled multiple small projects and worked on maintaining our platform and developing new functionalities for clients.

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