A guide to methods in enterprise architectureture

The book 'A guide to methods in enterprise architecture' is a publication of the department of Architecture of the NGI. In this working group, ArchiXL is represented by principal consultants Erwin Oord and Sander Rodenhuis. As co-authors, both have played an important role in the realisation of the book.

Boek - wegwijzer voor methoden bij enterprise-architectuur

The main purpose of this book is to support architects in choosing a method for enterprise architecture. It also provides a helping hand in using the chosen method. In addition to its primary target audience, the architect, this book is ideally suited as instructional material for students and provides clients and other stakeholders of architectural projects with an understanding of the architect's field and tools.

The book begins with a comprehensive explanation of enterprise architecture and the value of architecture methods. It also includes a historical overview of the emergence of the various architecture methods. Afterwards, the comparison model used to compare the eleven enterprise architecture methods is explained.

The main part of the book is reserved for the eleven methods. Those methods are respectively the Amsterdam framework for information management; ANSI/IEEE 1471-2000; ArchiMate; BIP; DEMO; Dragon1; DYA; IAF; RUP; TOGAF; and Zachman. Each method is given a description containing its characteristic features, as well as its purpose and applicability in practice. Each method is also scored on six dimensions. A separate chapter shows these scores side by side in a number of clear graphical representations, which makes strong and weak sides visible. This helps the reader, who wants to use a method himself, in choosing the method that best suits the situation and the culture of the organization. Finally, the book gives a number of useful tips when choosing an architecture method.

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