Space for people and organizations – Vision and Approach to the Digital Society

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of IT. Digitization touches the hearts of people and organizations and creates a world of new possibilities. At the same time, we see the amount of information growing explosively under the influence of digitization. The combination of ubiquitous digitization and the abundance of information has created a new - digital - space. This creates opportunities, but it also raises fundamental questions. In the digital space, subspaces appear to exist. These spaces require a new view of the world. Without proper agreements, a digital society can also be out of control. Digital facts are hardly visible anymore and change at the speed of light. We must work towards a new balance in the digital society. In doing so, the human being must be central between organizational goals and technical possibilities.

Boek - ruimte voor mens en organisatie

This book puts important IT developments in perspective. It provides insight into the impact of developments on people and organizations. It shows how you can create new opportunities if you reason from the passion of people and organizations. It also offers concrete tools for shaping the digital society. Models provide insight into the choices that people and organizations can make. It describes an approach to come up with a vision of how an organization can function sustainably in the dynamics of the digital world. The approach explores the new identity of organizations in the digital world and how information and people contribute to it. From these insights, you can create the space for people to succeed, mobilized and facilitated with information and technology.

The book is a combination of imagery and practice. It offers all kinds of images and seeks the conversation with the reader to better understand the changing world themselves. Concrete developments such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Social Media are placed in perspective. Familiar models such as the Business Model Canvas are given a new application accompanied by concrete examples from practice.

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