Improvement service management

We do everything we can to provide our customers with good service. In that context, we have recently implemented a number of improvements. As of October 20, we will offer a new desk for receiving questions, needs and incidents.


The new customer portal makes customer notifications more user-friendly and clearer. When you submit a report, you can also track it through the customer portal and see who is handling it and what the status is. This way we ensure a clear and quick handling of your request.

A number of improvements at a glance:

  • For all your support questions, you can visit the new customer portal from October 20: https://support.archixl.nl. Here you will also find an overview of your notifications and their status.
  • It remains possible to email support@archixl.nl. Emails sent to support@archixl.nl are also visible in the customer portal.
  • Reports receive personal attention from a service coordinator, who ensures the connection with the experts and keeps you informed about the solution and any follow-up questions.

Customer involvement is our top priority. We believe that with this innovation we will give a further impetus to the improvement of our services. We would like to hear whether we have succeeded.

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