ArchiXL has translated the educational needs of the schools into a professional information system. ArchiXL not only supported ‘Vensters voor Verantwoording’ by setting up the IT architecture, they also assisted in implementing it. The result is a successful project that is both methodical and pragmatic in adopting an architecture-driven approach.

‘Vensters voor Verantwoording’ (‘Windows on Accountability’) is a VO Council project assembling all numerical information about secondary schools into a single system. This information comes from DUO (the service for financing education), the Inspectorate of Education, the schools themselves, and other sources. After being revised and visualised, the data can be published on school websites. School results are compared with national averages, and schools can provide extra information and communicate it to their stakeholders. The result is a balanced, comprehensive and up-to-date image of Dutch education.

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