New Informative Blog Series: How Does the World of Knowledge Modeling Work?

ArchiXL is pleased to announce the launch of a series of online knowledge sharing. This series will consist of informative blogs, highlighting various important topics within the world of architecture.


The series, titled "Knowledge Modeling for Dummies," will encompass a wide range of relevant themes, including Information Modeling and the Importance of Architecture. Each of these topics will be extensively covered in multiple blogs, aiming to provide insights into various aspects of modern architecture for new professionals and other interested individuals.

We acknowledge the significance of knowledge sharing and raising awareness about architecture for aspiring architects. Through this series of blogs, we aspire to empower and guide these new professionals as they embark on their journey in the world of architecture, while also strengthening the industry.

Subjects covered in the series will include the usage and benefits of information modeling, the significance of architecture, and the languages of knowledge modeling. An overview of the blogs will be provided below after they have been published. We try to translate each blog to English. Unfortunately, some translations may be forgotten. A missing translation can be requested from Leon de Vries or Joeri van Es.

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