Service level

This page describes the standard services for customers of our platform service. The Service level license-and-support-only contracts are described separately.

In this description of the services related to the subscription to semantic wikis, the qualitative and quantitative goals with regard to management and maintenance are set. This document thus forms the complete set of agreements for the management and maintenance of semantic wikis. The description consists of a definition of the important indicators (the service levels) insofar as they can be measured and influenced by ArchiXL. The corresponding standard is included for each indicator. These standards are the measurable criteria that guide the activities for ArchiXL.

    Change Management

    The services described in this document can be changed at the initiative of ArchiXL. ArchiXL will notify the Client well in advance of the intended effective date. If the intended changes have an undesirable and substantial impact for the Client, a practical solution will be sought together. The current version of this document is valid from May 8th 2020.

    Scope of service

    The service with regard to the subscription to semantic wikis essentially means that ArchiXL uses capacity for management and maintenance, with the aim of keeping the semantic wikis continuously available and minimizing any disruptions.

    Type of service

    ArchiXL provides the following services:

    Services to provide


    • Handling complaints.
    • Answering questions.
    • Making the wiki environment available.
    • Execute tasks to safeguard the availability.
    Proactive management
    • Monitoring the environment.
    • Taking measures in the event of malfunctions.
    Incident management
    • The registration, management and resolution of incidents (2nd line incident management) through emergency fixes.
    • Analyzing incidents.
    • Recording and tracking of known errors and producing the associated RFCs.
    • Performing proactive incident management.

    Overview of priorities

    Priorities are used in this document. These are defined as follows. ArchiXL and the Client jointly determine the priority of a specific situation.

    Priority Situation Description
    1 UNWORKABLE The wiki can no longer be accessed, it cannot be used.
    2 HINDERLY Essential functionality does not work. The wiki is accessible.
    3 INSUFFICIENT The wiki works largely, some functions don't work properly.
    4 UNWANTED The wiki works completely, some functions work differently than desired.

    Service levels


    Indicator Description (indicator) and measurement methodology
    Standard Responsible Reporting
    Window times On workdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm The phone will be answered within window times ArchiXL On request

    The special page "Speciaal: SmartSupport" allows you to submit support requests and track the status of open requests. This special page also provides insight into the current and historical performance of the platform. The helpdesk can be reached by e-mail at e-mail address or by telephone on telephone number 033-2585545. You will then be connected to the right ArchiXL employee.

    The wiki environment provides 24x7 availability with an uptime percentage of 99.9%. This means that the platform is in principle continuously available 24 hours a day, every day of the week throughout the year. In addition, the platform is actually available at least 99.9% of the time, measured over the entire year. Maintenance with an impact on availability is avoided if possible; if unavoidable, this is planned at the least disturbing time.

    Proactive management

    • Monitoring
      ArchiXL monitors the accessibility of the wiki environment every 10 minutes. This monitoring takes place automatically from an external location. In the event of disruptions, ArchiXL takes measures to remedy them. If the (expected) disruption duration is longer than one hour, the Client will be notified.
    • Backup-service
      ArchiXL provides frequent backups that minimize data loss in the event of an incident. A backup is made every hour, backups that are saved: every hour over the last 24 hours; every day for the last week; every week for the last month; and the last two months. Backups are stored offsite so that no data is lost even in the event of a fire.
    • Failover
      ArchiXL uses a failover system so that the service will in principle remain available even if a server fails. This system ensures that the second server immediately takes over all data traffic so that users of the failure notice little or nothing. Emergency power supplies are of course used and all data is also stored redundantly.
    • Access security
      ArchiXL uses access protection based on role-based rights. User rights are granted in consultation with you to authorized users. Authentication is based on user name and password.
    • Patches
      ArchiXL ensures that the software remains up-to-date. Available patches for operating system are installed automatically. Patches and upgrades for the wiki software are first tested by us and then installed in production.
    • Platform upgrades
      Platform upgrades and other necessary changes with consequences for content and / or knowledge model will be installed after you have had the opportunity to test them in a separate acceptance test environment. ArchiXL is not responsible for resolving any incom patibilities in content or custom functionality that result from a platform upgrade, but can provide support at the normal hourly rate. It is possible to temporarily postpone an upgrade. However, support for older versions will expire over time. The list of official MediaWiki versions officially supported by the MediaWiki Foundation is leading in this respect.
    • Bandwidth, storage space and number of users
      ArchiXL ensures sufficient bandwidth on the data connections of the servers in our data center and sufficient storage space for your wiki content. We apply a fair-use policy here, which means that there are no restrictions with normal use. There is no limit to the number of users.
    • Sustainability
      ArchiXL is committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious entrepreneurship. That is why we use CO2-neutral and energy-efficient data centers as much as possible.

    Incident management
    You designate (at least) a (1) contact person who is the first point of contact from ArchiXL in the event of disruptions, notifications, etc. and who also receives the latest developments newsletter by default. Incidents are handled in accordance with the table below.

    Indicator Description (indicator) and measurement methodology
    Standard Responsible
    Response time Incoming incident at ArchiXL help desk up to and including reporting back to Client. 
    • Priority 1-2: 2 hours
    • Priority 3-4: 24 hours
      ArchiXL Upon request
      Contestation time From the feedback mentioned above up to and including the reporting of the ArchiXL helpdesk to the Client.
      • Priority 1: 8 hours
      • Priority 2: 24 hours
      • Priority 3: 48 hours
      • Priority 4: 1 week
        ArchiXL Upon request
        Incidents handled Number of incidents handled in the measurement period No standard, indicative level of service ArchiXL Upon request
        Window times On workdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm No standard ArchiXL Upon request

        Specific conditions

        The use of the semantic wiki is subject to the following specific conditions:

          • The service described in this document is expressly not intended to be part of business-critical, primary processes that place very high demands on continuity, reliability and confidentiality. Application in circumstances that set higher requirements than those to which the services described in this document can meet, is at the expense and risk of the Client.
          • In particular, if the semantic wiki and the knowledge contained therein are made publicly available, the client must take responsibility for respecting (copyright and other) rights to all information published via the wiki.
          • The client gives ArchiXL permission to, in the event that (probable) rights holders protest to ArchiXL against the publication of works belonging to them, to take measures to end (suspected) violations of rights. In this case, ArchiXL cannot be held liable by the Client for any damage suffered by the Client, even if it subsequently turns out that there has been no infringement of rights.
          • The client indemnifies ArchiXL against claims from third parties for compensation for damage that these third parties could (try to) recover in any way from ArchiXL and that are the result of the use by the Client of the services provided by ArchiXL.
          • Client only receives a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the semantic wiki. All intellectual property rights in this regard remain with ArchiXL. The Client is not permitted to copy program code (templates, forms, etc.) and / or documentation other than necessary for normal personal use and backup purposes.
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